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Design, build, and operate more productively, collaborate more globally, and deliver infrastructure assets that perform more sustainably with discipline specific applications and services that enhance collaboration and information mobility across your project team. Each product focuses on specific capabilities required for engineers, architects, contractors, inspectors, governments, institutions, utilities, owner-operators, and a broad spectrum of infrastructure roles.

Staad Pro Bahrain

Staad Pro stands for Structural Analysis and Designing Program.

This Software is most used Software for civil construction Engineering designing. While Staad Pro works in 3D and Helps you to make improvement in structure, section, dimensions, design simple beam to sky scraper. Staad pro is defined as structural analysis and design. It is used to analyze the beams, structures and trusses. We are one of the prime Staad Pro solution providers in Bahrain.

Staad is very easy to implement and more important its requirements are very flexible to complete the design in comparison with other application.

Some of the Staad Pro Features That We Focus across Bahrain:

Model generation

Model verification

Static analysis

Dynamic/Seismic analysis

Secondary analysis

  • MicroStation
  • MicroStation PowerDraft
  • Bentley Descartes
  • Staad Pro
  • LumenRT
  • AutoPipe
  • Autoplant
  • ContextCapture
  • Descartes
  • OpenCitiesMAP
  • OpenRoads
  • ProjectWise



Model, document, and visualize infrastructure projects of any type, scale, and complexity, with a comprehensive set of design and documentation capabilities to reliably deliver even the most demanding projects.

MicroStation PowerDraft

Document infrastructure projects of all types with speed and precision with the flexibility and power required for even the most demanding projects.

Bentley Descartes

Ensure your project has accurate real-world representation using proven imaging and point-cloud technology to enhance your infrastructure workflow.

Staad Pro

Analyze and design any structure, simple or complex, and share the synchronized model with confidence for multidiscipline team collaboration.


Integrate life-like digital nature into your simulated infrastructure designs, and create high-impact visuals for stakeholders.


Accelerate piping design and ensure compliance against international standards.


Quickly create intelligent 3D plant designs and models with an integrated, AutoCAD-based application for designing piping, equipment, and raceways.


Quickly create detailed 3D models using simple photographs and/or point clouds for use in engineering or GIS workflows.


Ensure your project has accurate real-world representation using proven imaging and point-cloud technology to enhance your infrastructure workflow.


Mapping software for editing, analysis, and management of 2D/3D geospatial information, including map finishing and advanced parcel management.


Create conceptual road and bridge designs to evaluate more options during the planning and pre-bid stage of your project. Design more efficiently, identify high-risk items, and minimize costs.


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